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Colorama Cane Dragon Plant (Dracaena)
Colorama Cane Dragon Plant (Dracaena)

Colorama Dracaena is an excellent first houseplant for the new gardener. It is straightforward to care for and tolerant of a wide range of humidity and light levels. The multi-colored leaves of Colorama are flashy and add interest to any indoor plantscape. Colorama Dracaena is also known by the name Dragon Tree and is native to the island of Madagascar. While Colorama is typically considered a houseplant, in the warmest USDA zones of 10-12, Dracaena is grown outdoors as a small tree that can grow to be 15-20 feet high.

Size: 6'' pot

- hand picked by the simple seed nursery

- comes in nursery grow pot ; planter shown, not included

- all plants are unique and may differ in shape and size

Care Instructions:

- Light: moderate levels of bright or lightly shaded sunlight, you’ll find that this plant can thrive in many levels of light.

- Watering: Average - Let the soil dry completely, then, water deeply


Colorama Cane Dragon Plant (Dracaena)

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