Plant Styling

Interior Plant Design & Outdoor Container Design

Plants are a critical element of good interior design, and one of the most overlooked! When our clients feel like something is missing from their rooms, or their space just doesn’t feel cozy, or complete, it’s often because they are missing a natural element like plants.

Our Interior Plant Design will introduce the beautiful nature back into your space! We will work with you to select the appropriate plants and containers for your space, and then we will take care of the installation and provide you with the necessary care information.

But, why plants?

Design principles focus on 5 key elements: balance, emphasis, proportion, rhythm, and harmony! Plants are a great way to create that balance that your residential home, apartment, business office or retail space may be missing! For example, most office spaces have a lot of furniture, and by simply adding other features (like plants!) can create a more visually balanced space.

Don’t need balance? How about a little bit of emphasizes to a dining room table for events, or to your outdoor retail space to attract new customers!


Lets get started!!!

  • Initial Consultation: Our team will come to your desired space and get to know your layout, and the aesthetic you're looking for! Any special requirements will also be taken into our consideration during this time! (any kids or pets?, new to caring for plants)
  • Sourcing and Curating: After our initial consultation, we will work on sourcing and curating a unique list of plants and pots that we feel will be the best fit for what your looking for! Picking the right plants for our clients and their space is important to ensure beautiful, thriving outcome!
  • Proposal: A detailed proposal with a deign mock up of the plants and pots that we recommend, along with an estimated project cost will be emailed to you for review!
  • Sign Agreement & Deposit: Once the proposal is signed, we do request a 30% initial deposit fee before we get started. The 30% initial deposit fee will be deducted from the final invoice price! Then the magic happens - our team will get to work at new green-space!


Ready to get started, have a project requests, or questions? Send us an email!