Do you ship out of state?

Yes, The Simple Seed Nursery is currently shipping domestically in the United States. This does not include Hawaii and Alaska.

When do you ship plants?

The less time in the mail the better. That is why we cautiously ship all orders in the beginning of the week depending on your location!

Will I get the plant in the picture?

Just like you, all plants are different. Although, it may not be the exact plant in the picture it will be the true plant of your purchase!

However, we are here to accommodate. So if you would like to pick your exact plant, then doesn’t hesitate to reach out : )

What do I do when my plant arrives?

When your plant arrives the number one thing to do after carefully un-packaging - let it adjust! It is not necessary to repot until after 2 weeks of its arrival. Although not necessary to do so if you choose. It’s important to look at the bottom of the nursery pot to see if the roots are coming out - in that case, your plant is ready to grow bigger!

How do I water my plant?

Funny you should ask! If you’re scared, you may overwater your new plant The Simple Seed has a trick!

Aside from the suggestions we give on each plant - when it’s time to water, place the nursery pot or your pot (with drainage hole) in water (preferably a bowl) and let it sit and drink. This trick allows the plant to drink the water it wants. Your plant will stop drinking when it has all the water it needs and when the soil is no longer dry it’s time to take it out!

What do I do if my plant arrives damaged?

Although we make sure to package your plant and pot safely. Plants are fragile and can sometimes be mishandled by the shipping carrier or react to its change of environment. The beautiful thing about plants is that with a bit of love they will come back and if they don’t please email aubrey@thesimpleseed.com with photos and your concerns and we will try our best fix it!

How long does it take my plant to adjust?

Plants go through a lot during transit so it’s important to not freak out and allow the plant to acclimate to it’s new home/environment. About 30 days of love, care, and patience should do the trick!